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Our BBQ Vendors

See below for a list of the Craft BBQ Vendors who will be cooking on site during this festival. This list of Pitmasters was carefully selected from this event. It is comprised of some of the best up and coming Texas Style BBQ vendors in the Southeast. All BBQ present will be cooked on site on an offset style hard wood burning smoker. The selections of meat will vary however you can count on each vendor to specialize in premium Texas Style Sliced Brisket. There will be smoked sausages, ribs, and other carefully crafted meats and sides available.  


Two brothers bringing Texas barbecue to Raleigh NC. Nick and Bryce Dampf started their love for barbecue in Nick's backyard about 5 years ago when they tackled their first pork butt on a weber kettle, then shortly after Nick's wife purchased him an offset smoker where the first Dampf good brisket was cooked for Fathers day. It has been a wild ride through the years leading them to start Dampf Good BBQ back in 2020 and launching the first pop up in June of 2021. As the pop up business continues to grow, the aim is to open a brick and mortar south of Raleigh to give people a family friendly place to go and get some amazing barbecue while spending time connecting with others in their community.

Mas Atomica (2).png

Two brothers, Smith and Pratt Mathews, opened Hop Atomica in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Hop Atomica is a Brewery, Distillery, and Restaurant. While their main focus is highly elevated neighborhood pub fare, one of the main passions of the Mathews brothers is Texas Style Craft Barbecue. This is a Tex-Mex BBQ spin off of their already successful Hop Atomica model. For now it is limited to select pop-ups on their wood fired 500 gal offset pit smoker, but the eventual plan is to open a barbecue focused brewery & distillery. Catch them at the festival doing some fun south of the border spins on classic Texas Style Craft Barbecue. 


Slow Fire draws on relationships from local farmers, sourcing our food responsibly, honestly, and transparently so our customers can follow the food journey. By smoking on an all-wood fire and using techniques infused with tradition, this carefully crafted experience will leave you not only filled, but completely fulfilled.

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